Indonesia Food & Film
vrijdag 17:00 – 21:30 | Kriterion
Woensdag 2 maart, Donderdag 3 maart & Zaterdag 5 maart | Rialto
Proef de Indonesische keuken van Soenda Kelapa!
De tickets zijn online te bestellen met je bioscoopkaartje voor €7,00
Aan de kassa betaald u € 9,00 alleen cash.

A Copy of my Mind
Vrijdag 4 maart- 19.00 | Zaterdag 5 maart- 16.45 | Rialto
While discovering films on cheap, pirated DVDs, Sari (Tara Basro) meets Alek (Chicco Jerikho), an overworked subtitler.
The two fall in love instantly, and before long, start living together,
with all the political turmoil surrounding the upcoming presidential elections swirling alongside their romance.
Their idyllically calm relationship gets a rude awakening, when Sari stole a DVD from a client in prison,
thinking that it was a monster movie.
Turns out that the DVD contains highly sensitive information regarding one of the presidential candidates…

The Crescent Moon
Woensdag 2 maart – 15.00 | Vrijdag 4 maart- 19.15 | Zaterdag 5 maart – 17.00 | Kriterion
Mahmud is a conservative and devout muslim, troubled by the fact that his son Heli upholds a more liberal lifestyle.
When Mahmud decides to search for the hilal – the crescent moon that indicates the beginning and ending of the
Islamic months – he and his son are forced to travel together. As the two involuntarily embark on the journey together,
their differences seem insurmountable. However, the road trip soon turns out to provide the two with the perfect
opportunity to finally understand each other and perhaps even salvage their relationship.

The Golden Cane Warrior
Donderdag 3 maart – 17.00 | Vrijdag 4 maart- 21.15 | Kriterion
Martial arts epic THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR is Indonesia’s glorious return to the genre,
combining beautifully choreographed action sequences with a lush historical setting.
It’s the performances of the charismatic young cast, however, that sell the film’s plot and add
credence to the unforgettable wuxia-like fight scenes. THE GOLDEN CANE WARRIOR is a thrilling viewing
experience for both newcomers and long-time fans of the martial arts genre.

Gamelan – CinemAsia FilmLAB
Donderdag 3 maart- 15:10 | Zaterdag 5 maart – 13.30
Tari has no contact with her family in Indonesia. After the divorce from her Dutch husband and after a
mysterious dream from her daughter, she discovers things from her family in the attic, which has been hidden from her for years

Following Diana | The Fox Exploits The Tiger’s Might
Woensdag 2 maart- 13.00 | Zaterdag 5 maart- 14.45 | Zondag 6 maart 13.00 | Kriterion
Following Diana
Diana (Raihaanun) is a married housewife in her early thirties who spends most of her time on housekeeping and taking
care of her son Rifki (Panji Rafenda Putra). Her world gets turned upside down when her husband Ari (Tanta Ginting)
tells her some shocking news via a PowerPoint presentation: he has taken on a second wife and he expects Diana’s full cooperation in the matter. Feeling powerless and unloved, Diana struggles to come to terms with her husband’s infidelity.

The Fox Exploits The Tiger’s Might
The preteen Aseng (Atreyu Artax Moniaga) is the son of a tobacco merchant and lives in
a small sleepy town with a military base. He is friends with David (Kemas Fauzan), the boastful
son of a high-ranking military officer. As the two further develop their friendship, they slowly
discover the symbiotic relationship between sexuality and power and what it means to be masculine.

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